Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Need gift ideas for dog lovers? Paint a water or food bowl for your pet. It’s a perfect personalized gift. As you can see, Scoutie admires her custom food bowl every single day! Bring in your pet and our staff will help you capture your pet’s paw print on a piece of pottery.  Here’s a review from Scoutie on her painting experience at Mimosa Studios.

You don’t need to worry about whether your dog is a one take wonder.  If it doesn’t work the first time, you can easily wash off the paint and try again.  Our paints are non-toxic and are totally safe for dogs and for making paw prints.  You can print a paw print on any of our ceramic pieces: food and water bowls, picture frames, tiles, etc.

Hand & Foot Prints

Gather up your family and bring everyone in for a family project. Our motto is if you can hold a brush, you can paint! And of course we do baby hand and foot prints for even our smallest newborns.  Print a child’s hand or foot on any ceramic piece. It can be personally inscribed and decorated. Perfect for grandparents! Our paints are non-toxic, safe, and easily wash off.


We update our Facebook page daily with some amazing pottery painting creations from our customers.  Check it out and if you have created something you would like to share with us, visit our FB page and post it there.

Do I need a reservation?

Walk-ins are welcome. For groups of three or more, please call ahead at 503-288-0770 to reserve your space. Weekends are usually busier than weekdays.