Great Ideas for School Auctions

Mimosa Studios wants to help your child’s school or organization! Mimosa Studios is proud to support local schools and children’s organizations throughout the Portland area. We specialize in working with schools to put together student created auction items that are both fun and profitable!

We have lots of ideas and offer discounts to fit your budget. We help parent volunteers design and create class projects and provide on-site painting kits so projects can be done right in the classroom. We have tons of options — table settings, serving dishes, garden ware, tea sets, etc.

We also specialize in tile mirrors: each student paints a tile which is grouted into a beautiful wood mirror frame.  Let us help you help your child!  Call us at 503-288-0770 for information.

In 2011, one school created a collection of Portland Bridge plates.

Our auction project with Mimosa Studios was a great success. The kids had a great time painting their plates, the final product was beautiful and we raised funds to support our school. Austin and her team made it easy from start to finish. ~ Diana Bianco