Step 1

You Choose it

Choose a piece of unfinished pottery from our selection of over 200 pieces. We have fun and functional pottery for a variety of tastes.

Visit our Over 200 Choices page to view our inventory of unfinished pottery.

Step 2

You Paint It

Use our wide variety of paints to create your piece. Idea books, stencils, and tools are provided. Each customer receives personal attention so that everyone can make a work of art they are proud to take home. Our glazes easily wash out of clothing.

Step 3

We Fire It

Once you have finished painting your piece, we will coat it with a clear glaze and fire it in our studio.

All products are food safe, non-toxic, and usually ready for pickup within four days of painting.

Walk-in or attend a party.

Prices include paint, glaze, firing, and studio time. Use as many colors and take as much time as you want.

How Does Painting Your Own Pottery Work?

It’s super easy! You just pick the piece of pottery you want to paint (the hard part is choosing-we have over 200 different styles to paint!) Then we show you how to use the paints and help you with ideas. You leave the finished piece with us and we glaze and fire it for you so you can pick it up in 2-5 days.

We encourage walk-ins and offer party packages of all kinds. We host monthly Margarita Parties and have special events just for the fun of it! We design and paint custom ceramics, and even work with schools and businesses to create projects on site.

Check out our FAQ section for more answers or feel free to give us a call at 503-288-0770 or contact us online.

Mr. Feeney and Austin