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Mimosa Studios Donates $800 to De Paul

We are grateful for all of our awesome customers who painted during the month of October! You helped us raise $800 for De Paul Youth & Family Center. Thank you so much for supporting this important community resource. The Center provides drug and alcohol treatment for youth from all over the state of Oregon.
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Meet Nic

Nic J. is a graduate of the residential treatment program at the De Paul Youth & Family Center. Nic said that when he first came to De Paul, he didn’t think he had much of a future. Going through treatment at De Paul helped him realize that he does have choices and that he can choose the kind of life he wants to lead.

In September, Nic celebrated two years clean and sober. He has completed high school and is looking forward to going to college.

A Community Partner

Mimosa Studios opened in the emerging Alberta Arts District in 2001 and started building community partnerships from the very beginning by inviting neighborhood children to paint free tiles.These brightly colored tiles now hang in two large panels outside the shop’s front facade and serve as a reminder to the family-friendly community spirit that Mimosa Studios embraces. 

Mimosa Studios has donated dozens of projects to community organizations and neighborhood schools and focuses its support on programs that help youth and families stabilize.  Mimosa Studios has been a past contributor to Girl Scouts Beyond Bars, donating ceramic painting projects in prisons to incarcerated women who are staying connected with their children through art.

“Our eleven years in business on Alberta corresponds with my own sobriety date,” says artist and owner Austin Raglione.  “It is important to me as a business owner and community partner to help support families in need.  The De Paul Youth & Family Center, right up the street on NE Killingsworth, provides drug and alcohol treatment for teenagers who often have nowhere else to go.”  The Center includes a fully accredited high school which allows students to keep up with their course work while in treatment.

A show of student art was on display at Mimosa Studios throughout the month of October 2012.  Raglione says, “We have been teaching a ceramic painting class to the kids and they are so talented. It is inspiring to see their feelings flourish in their art. It helps to understand a little better what they are going through.”

Ms. Raglione serves on the Board of Directors for De Paul Treatment Centers and is a program manager for the Portland Police Bureau’s Service Coordination Team which provides drug treatment for chronic offenders.  She says supporting families and community is the best part of owning the business.  “People from all over Portland come here to paint ceramics and enjoy our family-friendly atmosphere.  I especially love helping families connect through art.  A couple of weeks ago we had a grandmother and grandson in the studio painting a gigantic gnome together. They said they were “creating memories together”.  I just love that!”

De Paul Student Art Project

Below is part of the giant, beautiful tile project that De Paul students created.

[image_frame style=”framed_shadow” align=”center” alt=”De Paul Student Art Project” title=”De Paul Student Art Project” height=”350″ width=”600″]http://www.mimosa-studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Tiles-2.jpg[/image_frame]