Spooktacular Halloween Fun

Mimosa Studios is throwing a Halloween party and you’re invited! We’ve got lots of black and orange paint and plenty of creative ideas for Halloween. Dust off your creative mind, clear out the cobwebs, and get your costume together.  Come by the studio and get in the spirit:-)

Margarita Night we are hosting a Costume Contest!
Friday, October 28

Join us for our ever popular Margarita Night! You paint! We pour! You pay just the cost of painting the piece ($15 minimum). The best costume wins a $25.00 gift certificate toward your next Mimosa Studios visit. And all weekend long, October 29 and 30, everyone wearing a costume gets 10% off and a treat!

[fancy_images width=”270″ height=”150″]
[image title=”Happy Halloween” alt=”Happy Halloween”]http://www.mimosa-studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/happy-halloween.jpg[/image]
[image title=”Happy Halloween” alt=”Happy Halloween”]http://www.mimosa-studios.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_1076.jpg[/image]

Need some wicked inspiration?

No problem.  How about a spooky candy dish, a scary mug, a frightening figurine, a bewitching treat plate? We’ll be ready and waiting with plenty of creative ideas.

Contact us if you want to reserve your spot for our Halloween Costume Contest on Margarita Night on Friday, October 28th.  Spooky music, tasty treats, and free margaritas will be served for your painting pleasure.

Mimosa Studios has lots of kid-friendly and Mom’s Night Out/Date Night activities planned for October! In addition to our regular daily specials and super fun birthday parties, we feature Friday Nights are Party Nights! We are open until 9:00 pm every Friday night. Customers can bring in their own food and drink and relax after a long week. Perfect for Mom’s Night Out or a romantic and fun Date Night!

The last Friday of every month is Margarita Night at Mimosa Studios! You paint and we provide free Margaritas.

With hundreds of ceramic pieces and a superb selection of color paints to choose from, painters will find the perfect gift for parents and grandparents at the right price. The studio provides all of the necessary materials to create your very own work of art. All you need is a little artistic inspiration, which is abundantly available at Mimosa Studios!